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Helping leaders to inspire, people to flourish, and organisations to thrive.
Drawing on over 35 years of empirical research in the psychology of achieving peak performance and workplace wellbeing, we bring together our global experience with a unique methodology to help your leaders and teams embrace challenges, perform at their best and enjoy greater satisfaction every day.
People we have delivered training, development, and coaching interventions to.
Years of empirical research that informs the basis of our methods, tools and training.
Different countries where we have worked with clients.
The proportion of our professional team with a Masters degree, PhD or specialist qualification.

Creating a positive workplace

We boost performance by helping every individual we work with to develop their strengths, build their mental wellbeing and resilience, and improve the impact they have on others.

We consider wellbeing as a state where people are feeling good and functioning at their best.

This means that people are motivated, focused, and engaged. They are able to work confidently and productively, going beyond just coping with challenges to accepting challenge as the opportunity to develop and to succeed at something new.

Individuals • Teams • Leaders • Organisations

Our clients

The journey we take with our clients

Building strengths and motivating change from within
Step inside
We help people and organisations to step back and step inside their minds to inspire meaningful change.
Understanding the beliefs, biases and perceptions that affect the behaviour and actions of individuals and organisations.
Awareness of the impact that these actions and behaviours have on others.
Challenging the biases and perceptions that negatively impact performance and mental fitness of self and others.
Learning how to expose and tap into known an unkown strengths in self and others.
Identifying the exciting and positive future possibilities that can be achieved from viewing situations, self and others differently.
Learning new techniques and methods that create performance enhancing responses to stresses, strains and change.
Designing the processes, policies and practices to sustain better ways of working and a positive workplace.

Inform, Inspire, Invigorate

Our business is built on four pillars to ensure that we make a positive difference to the life of every individual touch and every client we work with.
Science Led
All our work is science-led and based on empirical research. We create spaces to learn, reflect, discover, and experiment with new mental models and behaviours to ensure positive changes can be identified, understood and effectively embedded.
People Centred
Innovative, interactive and engaging workshops, training and coaching are core to what we do. Research consistently shows that to inspire and generate long-term change, learning must be practical, relevant and fun.
Client Focused
We work collaboratively with clients to ensure that all programmes are tailored to their specific and diverse circumstances, ethos and needs. Every intervention is tailored to our clients’ needs and our programmes provide consistent messaging of your strategy and values.
Expert Driven
Each member of our carefully curated team brings a combination of science and research-backed knowledge plus industry-specific experience. We carefully select the right team for each client, ensuring acceptance of our approach and creating the maximum impact from our work.
Insight • Skills • Optimism • Resilience • Energy • Motivation • Performance
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