Charlotte Wiseman Positive Leadership Programme

The ideal opportunity to step back, reconnect with your leadership purpose and discover new possibilites for positive change.
Monday 6pm to Thursday 2pm
4th to 7th November
Peak District National Park, England

“This programme brings together the skills, science and practice of leadership and wellbeing, giving you the opportunity to pause, reconnect with what’s important to you, and learn how you can stay true to your values and perform at your best, even when the pressure is on.”
Charlotte Wiseman

The ideal opportunity to step back, refresh and revitalise

  • Join a carefully curated programme with innovative workshops and science-backed insights to invigorate your leadership style, improve clarity of thought, reduce stress, and avoid burnout.
  • Experience thought-provoking conversations, reflective practices and learning activities to embrace new challenges and unlock your full potential.
  • Connect with like-minded leaders, share best practices, and build your network.
  • Learn how to create a positive and optimistic environment to build stronger relationships, lead through uncertainty, manage difficult conversations, and bring out the best in yourself and in others.
  • Gain insights on how to use nutrition, movement, and sleep to boost energy and brain power and reduce stress.
  • Appreciate greater ease and fulfilment in your leadership role and revitalise your workplace.


Our programme follows the Charlotte Wiseman STEP-INSIDE method to tap into your core values, beliefs, motivations, and strengths – generating positive change, boosting performance, and enhancing wellbeing.

Drawing on the latest insights from neuroscience, psychology, and behavioural science, the Charlotte Wiseman STEP-INSIDE method helps leaders to step inside their minds, to explore the values, beliefs and thought processes that influence themselves and their workplaces, and to unlock new perspectives and possibilities.

Understand the beliefs, biases and perceptions that influence your behaviour & actions.
Uncover your strengths and identify the factors and circumstances that lead to your peak performance.
Challenge the biases and perceptions that can negatively impact collaboration, performance & mental fitness.
Identify the exciting, positive, future possibilities that can be achieved from viewing yourself, situations, & others differently.
Create an empowering and inspiring model for yourself and for you as a leader.
Learn new techniques to deliver your vision, exploit your strengths, & manage stress as a performance enhancing part of your life.
“Helped me to prioritise what’s important, delegate more, and empower my very capable team, and the business is in a better position as a result.”
Client testimonial

Six key takeaways from this retreat

Drawing on over 35 years of leadership, behavioural, and mental health research, our Autumn Retreat will give you…
  • A conscious understanding of yourself and your abilities to have a positive impact.
  • Insight into the neuroscience of leadership, performance and wellbeing, helping you to identify the drivers and blockers of being at your best.
  • Enhanced self-awareness and self-management skills so you can sustain clarity of thought and effective decision-making when the pressure is on.
  • Practical science-backed ways to navigate the stress and strain of business and life so you can maintain healthy boundaries as a leader and be a role model to others.
  • Evidence-based approaches to build psychological safety in your teams, for yourself and others, to cultivate a culture of learning, innovation and resilience.
  • A toolbox of skills to help you tap into your own strengths and lead, inspire and motivate others in a way that helps individuals to thrive and new leaders to evolve.


Relax, reset and reconnect with the values, meaning and purpose that inspire you and those around you.

Science Led
The design of our programme is led by science and based on empirical research. It creates a space to learn, reflect, discover and experiment with new practices, mental models and behaviours.
Person Centred
The core of the programme is innovative, interactive and engaging workshops, training and coaching. You will be encouraged to see every day as a learning opportunity to grow and unlock your potential
Expert Driven
Each member of our carefully curated team brings a combination of science and research-backed knowledge and experience. All of our team have a masters degree, PhD or professional qualification.

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