Award Winning Guest Speaker Announced

We are pleased to announce that award-winning author Helen Beedham will join us as a guest speaker at our Autumn Retreat for Leaders.

Helen’s latest book, “The Future of Time”, was an Amazon bestseller and winner of the Business Book Award in 2023. Helen will be introducing us to the concept of ‘time intelligence’ and explaining how we can apply time-intelligent practices to better manage our workload and our wellbeing. She will share time management myths and traps to watch out for and offer ways to negotiate effectively with others about demands on our time. Attendees will learn how to stop firefighting, focus better, and manage overwhelm. You’ll also discover how to slow down – and even step off – the frenetic ‘hamster wheel’ of work and life more often.

About Helen:

With over 25 years’ experience in corporate workplaces and professional careers, Helen is an organisational expert, speaker, host of The Business of Being Brilliant podcast and Business Book Award-winning author of the Amazon bestseller The Future of Time: how ‘re-working’ time can help you boost productivity, diversity and wellbeing.

Drawing on expertise in organisation and team effectiveness, culture change, and people management, Helen now helps business and HR leaders create ‘time-intelligent’ organisations that gain a better return on the time their employees invest in work.

She is also a leading speaker on the topic, with regular appearances at future of work at conferences, industry panels and client events, and is regularly featured in national, business and HR press including the FT, Financial News, Forbes, Fast Company, The HR Director and HR Review.

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