Empowering Female Leaders in the Energy Sector

Charlotte Wiseman Leadership & Wellbeing x Turner Lovell

Turner Lovell supports the recruitment and talent development of experienced professionals within the renewable energy sector across the UK, Europe, the Midde East, Africa and USA. They asked Charlotte Wiseman Leadership & Wellbeing to support their top female clients to develop their communication skills, understand their unique strengths, and build confidence so they could realise their full career potential.


From consulting with our client Turner Lovell, it is clear that the energy sector can be a challenging place to be a woman. Leaders in the sector are predominantly men, with this lack of diversity often fueling self-doubt in female leaders. As explained by Managing Director of Turner Lovell, Curtis Thompson,

“ I have seen multiple women who would be great candidates for a certain role, but this confidence isn’t being portrayed throughout the recruitment process.”

Within organisations, this self-doubt has been shown to contribute to fewer promotions for female leaders, lower pay, and higher levels of burnout.


To help address this issue within the energy industry, Charlotte Wiseman Leadership and Wellbeing has partnered with Turner Lovell to host a series of free workshops and events titled ‘En’Powered’ – empowering female leaders in energy. These interactive learning forums offer like-minded female leaders working in the sector a unique opportunity to come together, discuss the challenges they face, their best practices for overcoming them, as well as tapping into our company’s expert knowledge to empower themselves and elevate their career.

The objective of En’Powered is to support female talent to ascend the career ladder in this male dominant field, and allow female leaders in this community to grow their teams. What’s more, it is free to join.


Our first three international sessions, hosted by Charlotte Wiseman, received fantastic feedback. Attendees commented that it is a ‘great initiative’ and sessions were ‘truly amazing’. En’Powered has not only connected female leaders by realising they are not alone in their experiences, it has provided insight into practical steps to progress in their careers. Exploring sessions on Strengths-based leadership, clear communication and inclusive assertiveness, these sessions have provided attendees with practical, science-backed tools to break through glass ceilings, demonstrate the best version of themselves, and achieve the roles and promotions they deserve.


If you are interested in attending upcoming En’Powered sessions, or would like to learn more about the broad selection of leadership and wellbeing services the team at Charlotte Wiseman can offer, please email olivia@charlottewiseman.com


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