Mental fitness; How to get started

So dry January is over, new year’s resolutions are a distant memory and cold mornings are making it a struggle to even get out of bed in the morning, let alone go to the gym. 

I know how hard it is at this time of year, we all feel it, which is why it is such an important time of year to find practical ways we can look after our health, mind and body. And I am here to introduce a fresh approach to health that will not only make you more energized, focused and creative but will make it easier to stick to all your healthy habits.

We all spend a lot of time thinking striving to improve our physical health, prevent illness and injury but with our mental fitness we tend to wait, living in “survival mode”, being “ok”, for months, even years until we have a problem before we do anything about it. What this fails to recognize is that our mental fitness is intrinsically linked to everything we do, and everything about the way our body functions, that we need to look after this part of our bodies too.

Our extensive research, spanning over the last 20 years, has shown that when we work to improve our mental fitness, we become not only more able to deal with stressful situations but more likely to learn as a result of them, we become more adaptable and effective leaders, stronger communicators, better team members and have more satisfying personal relationships. The research even indicates that we are more likely to reach our personal and career goals resulting in higher income.

What’s more is that we also become physically stronger and fitter, our immunity improves, our digestion is better, we are less likely to gain weight and more likely to be motivated to be physically active. This is why the World Health Organisation says there is “no health without mental health” and that is what our research at Step-Inside supports.

Now you might be thinking that is easily said, but what are we supposed to do about it? Well, I imagine you have all heard about getting your “five-a-day” for nutritional needs, well, I would like to introduce you to your “five-a-day” for mental fitness. 

These are the evidence-based tools we can use every single day to enhance our clarity of thought, boost our motivation and productivity, fuel our sense of fulfilment and increase our happiness. And let’s not forget we also improve our physical wellbeing as well as reduce our risk of illness such as depression and anxiety. 

So, if you would like to learn more about this, I invite you to join your first ever Step-Inside™ Mental Fitness Class with Charlotte Wiseman. These are the kind of classes we should all be doing 3 times a week, just like a physical fitness routine. 

We are going to be running two Step-Inside™ Mental Fitness sessions on 20th February and the best part is that they are absolutely FREE. 

In just 30 minutes you will notice a marked improvement in your mindset and your skillset, making you more confident to overcome challenges, relieving you of stress and replacing it with focus, and enabling you to build better relationships with those around you. In short, these interactive classes give you the evidence-based tools to enhance your mental fitness every single day so you can get more out of everything you do.

If you cannot wait to get started, then here is step you can take right now. 

1 – Identify one personal Strength. A Strength is different from a ‘skill’, which is learnt, it is a quality that you bring to many areas of your life that is motivating and energizing. For example, your strength might be creativity, love of learning or compassion, it could be being able to step back and gain perspective in situations or bringing humour to life. If you are struggling to think of one, click HERE to complete an online survey which will help you.

2 – Now you have chosen one of your personal strengths you are going to try to commit to using it every day for the next way in a new way. For example,

–       If your strength is CREATIVITY then you could be creative with your cooking one day, creative with the way you walk to work the next, creative with your exercise routine or creative with the way you start conversations with people. 

–       If your strength is LOVE OF LEARNING you may decide to learn more about your colleagues, read about a new topic or understand the meaning of a new word each day.

There are no limits to how much you can bring this strength to life in your day to day and research shows that the more you can use your strengths effectively and develop those strengths which are underused, the more you will get out of life in terms of productivity, performance and satisfaction. 

Whether you always feel a little drained by life and need a boost or whether you are on top form and want to upgrade your life a little further, your mental fitness is the key that unlocks your optimal self.

So, if you want to be calmer, more adaptable and more fulfilled by life, then join us on February 20th to Step-Inside™ Mental Fitness for 2018.

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