Our clients

Clients come to us for our expertise.
They stay with is for our impact and our positive working style.
Our criteria for working with a client is simple: we believe we can make a positive difference to the lives of their people and the performance of their business.

Our recent work

Innocent Drinks
VINCI Facilities

The science of success

The Sustainable Leadership Programme

Working with a global real estate company, we delivered our flagship leadership development programme online and in-person across Europe. Drawing over 35 years of leadership and behavioural psychology, this programme helped leaders to take ownership of their themselves and their actions so that they can lead effectively, even when the pressure is on.

Turning challenge into opportunity

Positive Problem-Solving

Developed for a global tech consultancy firm, this our work built on the biopsychology of solution-focused thinking to help leaders to improve problem-solving, promote long-term strategic thinking, enhance innovation, and maximise collaboration opportunities.

Harnessing the power of Positive Psychology, we trained leaders and their teams in practical frameworks to move from seeing problems as challenges to be overcome, to seeing them as a series of exciting opportunities to be realised, improving engagement and business outcomes.

High quality connections

Improving communication with colleagues and clients

Designed for an architectural design and construction consultancy, our work focused on helping team members to work more effectively across divisions in the organisation, and to build trust and improve communication with clients and external stakeholders.

From simple ways to ask better questions to active listening and constructive responding, participants were helped to understand and develop evidence-based techniques to optimise working relationships, including putting them to practice with the support or professional actors.

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