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We create change for individuals, teams and organisations to reach their full potential. Building strengths, thriving under stress, embracing challenge.
Mental Health and
Crisis Support

Leadership Development

Programmes to inspire your leaders to manage themselves and others better

We deliver innovative development programmes for senior executives, leaders and future leaders. Drawing on our international experience and extensive research into leadership and performance improvement, our programmes inspire participants to cultivate the mindsets and skills they need to manage themselves and others better, and give them the toolkits to turn new skills into enduring habits.

The types of support we can offer your leaders include:


Participants on our programmes gain unique insights and skills that help them tap into inner strengths, build trust, embrace challenge and create a positive workplace for themselves and others. We show how to lead with a focus on maximising mental fitness and how to use pressure for advantage - so that seeking new challenges becomes a performance-enhancing and health-enhancing component of life.


Organisational Consultancy

Transformational and culture change to improve employee motivation, engagement, wellbeing and performance

We create workplaces where people are inspired to belong, that embrace challenge and that are safe, positive, collaborative, resilient and forward looking. Focusing on concepts of self-determination, values and strengths, we work with our clients to create the conditions where people take ownership of their performance so that the organisation can reach its full potential.

Some of the areas we cover include:

Strategy & values
Culture & behaviours
Workplace design,
policies & procedures
Equality, diversity
& inclusion

Our unique Awareness-Growth-Accelerate model transforms behaviour at speed and builds the strong foundations required for long-term change. Covering strategy and values, culture and behaviours, workplace design, policies and procedures, and equality, inclusion, and diversity, we help our clients build stronger, more resilient, high-performing communities.


Mental Health and Crisis Support

Training, workshops and resources for mental health and crisis support

With the right support, we believe the workplace can truly be a health, performance, and life-enhancing part of peoples’ lives. With evidence-based content and qualified instructors, our support equips people with the skills to enhance mental fitness, recognise and avoid the danger signs of mental ill-health, and create a workplace of compassion and mutual care.

Our Mental Health and Crisis Support includes:

Mental Health
for Managers
Mental Health First Aid Training (MHFA England Accredited)
All-Team Mental Health Awareness
Webinars & Workshops

We are an accredited training provider by MHFA England and the Royal Society of Public Health.

Corporate Wellness

Design and support of programmes to promote corporate wellness

Our goal is to ensure that wellness programmes improve the lives of employees in ways that matter, and improve business performance on metrics that count. Our global experience across firms of all shapes and sizes means we bring insight and expertise to build programmes that promote wellness from the front line to board room.

Our programme design covers all topics required to maximise wellbeing, including:

Resilience building
Positive communication
Financial wellbeing
Energy management
Energy management

Whether starting out on the journey or seeking to revitalise their programme, we work with our clients to design and support high-impact, sustainable wellness programmes that win management and staff support, deliver positive results, and are linked to business outcomes. This includes a full range of off-the-shelf and bespoke training, workshops and webinars to optimise welling.

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