Our team

Combining scientific foundations with personal experiences, our team comprises highly skilled individuals and diverse talents.
About our founder and CEO,
Charlotte Wiseman
A member of the British Psychological Society and International Positive Psychology Association, Charlotte Wiseman is an applied Positive Psychology and Leadership Consultant known for her pioneering research in CEO Burnout and Mental Fitness…

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About our Managing Partner, Tim Kirk
Tim is our Managing Partner and brings extensive experience in strategy and organisational improvement, including work and research in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, USA and Asia-Pacific…

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Tim Kirk

Each member of our carefully curated team of experts brings a combination of science and research-backed knowledge plus industry-specific experience.

We recognise that each organisation has a diverse ethos and that every intervention is different. We carefully select the right team for each client and each type of intervention, ensuring acceptance of our approach and creating the maximum impact from our work.

Our team’s industry specific expertise includes

• Financial Services • Technology • Hospitality • Manufacturing • Sports and Performance • Professional Services • Healthcare • Education • Military • Creative Arts and Media

The proportion of our professional team with a Masters degree, PhD or specialist qualification

Our team

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