Charlotte Wiseman Positive Leadership Programme – Only 4 Spaces Remaining!

Autumn Edition:  Leadership Residential

We only have 4 spaces remaining for our Positive Leadership Programme. This is being held from Monday 4th to Thursday 7th November in a luxury private venue in the Peak District National Park.

This 3-day immersive break is the ideal opportunity to step back, reconnect with your leadership purpose, and discover new possibilities for positive change.

Following our unique Step-Inside method, the programme will comprise innovative workshops and science-backed insights on leadership, mental fitness, and wellbeing, as well as time for personal reflection and opportunities for connection with like-minded leaders, helping you to unlock new thinking, share best practices and build networks.

This tailored retreat will help you to reconnect with the values, meaning and purpose that inspire you and those around you, to reduce stress, improve leadership effectiveness and create a positive environment for yourself and those around you.

Drawing on over 35 years of leadership, behavioural, and mental health research, our Autumn Retreat will give you:

    1. A conscious understanding of yourself and your abilities to have a positive impact.
    2. Insight into the neuroscience of leadership, performance and wellbeing, helping you to identify the drivers and blockers of being at your best.
    3. Enhanced self-awareness and self-management skills so you can sustain clarity of thought and effective decision-making when the pressure is on.
    4. Practical, science-backed ways to navigate the stress and strain of business and life so you can maintain healthy boundaries as a leader and be a role model to others.
    5. Evidence-based approaches to build psychological safety in your teams, for yourself and other to cultivate a culture of learning, innovation and resilience.
    6. A toolbox of skills to help you tap into your own strengths and lead, inspire and motivate others in a way that helps individuals to thrive and new leaders to evolve.

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